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 Rules for profiles -PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!

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PostSubject: Rules for profiles -PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!   Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:50 pm

Rules for profiles -PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!

It has come to my attention that though I have asked once before a lot of people do not have current information in their profiles.

Please make sure that your profiles are updated with the proper and correct information such as:

Location - Please put your City, there is no need for address or state if you're in Oklahoma, but if you're outside of Oklahoma please put your State.

Birthday - Please put your birthday in the field, do not leave it blank or put in fake dates. We use this function to help keep track of the special days of our friends and cosplay family and is how I keep track of who's names to put on the cake at our Monthly Gatherings. This will also help us all have a better understanding of age appropriateness so we can keep this forum more family friendly.

Other contacts: It is not required that you list any AIM, ICQ, Yahoo or MSN accounts that you have, but it is suggested to list them so that your friends have a way of contacting you off the forums.
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Rules for profiles -PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!
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