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 Mishi is Mishi

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PostSubject: Mishi is Mishi   Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:58 pm

Hello. Im guessing this is where I am supposed to introduce myself. I love anime an cos-playing. I own One really cute Loli cos-play. I also have a Purple and a black Yukata. I love Grape juice and can be childish at times. My favorite form of cos-play is any kind of Lolita. Anywhere from dark loli to Victorian.

Lets see... I like to draw and play on Gaia. Im really looking for friends who will be able to understand my obsession with anime and cos-playing -^.^- Oh yeah I have a tenancy to use emoticons.

I am constantly under attack by typo demons... (meaning I make a lot of typos sometimes)

I have lived where I am now for 8 months and have yet to make a single friend. (Tragic I know)

Im really hoping this site is still up and running and not just one of those that are started and given up on.

Yeah I cant think of anything else to say so if you want to know more about me then message me.

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PostSubject: Re: Mishi is Mishi   Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:13 pm

Thank for Introductioning your self.

I'm your Administrator I started site as a safe place becuse of what happen to me.

I have Not given up on this site I hope this site stays up and running.
Even though other people are trying to end all cosplayer groups.
By Hacking into their accounts and deleting them.

I love all forms of anime and Lolita and some people hate me for that. They say I should get rid of all my Anime stuff. Becuse it was not right to have it round the house. Sad

I love all forms of cosplay I can copy any anime costume just by seeing it. I have the Sailor Moon and
Wedding Peach Patten base.
All I need now is the fabric to start but no place to but fabric the only fabric store close to me closed up me.

If you know where I can get stretch net fabric at Can you tell us all.

If you want to know more about me then message me I'll tell you anything.

I hope this site stays up and running for ever. cheers

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Mishi is Mishi
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